Twelfth Annual Meeting & Virtual Conference

February 8 - 11, 2021


Advanced batteries will power the new technologies of the 21st Century. NAATBatt 2021 examined the evolving markets for advanced batteries, new advances in battery technology, and the prospects for developing a robust North American supply chain. At NAATBatt 2021 attendees met the leading companies in North America working in advanced battery technology and heard about their efforts to make North America a center of advanced battery technology and manufacturing.

NAATBatt 2021 included:
  • Battery market forecasts by the world’s leading analysts
  • Reports by NAATBatt’s Chief Science Officer (Nobel laureate Prof. Stanley Whittingham), Chief Technology Officer and Chairs of the NAATBatt industry committees
  • Emerging use cases for advanced battery technology
  • Innovation in cathodes, collectors and lithium metal
  • What problems do vehicle OEM’s really want battery makers to solve?
  • Update presentations from all NAATBatt member firms highlighting significant developments in 2021
  • Solid state or silicon:  Which direction for anodes?
  • What’s new in battery pack design and strategies?
  • Interactive breakfast table discussion groups about key issues in battery technology
  • The Top 10 emerging companies working in battery technology in 2021



NAATBatt is a not-for-profit trade association of more than 130 corporate and institutional members devoted to promoting the development, use and manufacture of advanced battery technology in North America.

NAATBatt membership is open to all companies interested in supporting this mission.

NAATBatt member companies work in all parts of the advanced battery supply chain, from energy material mining to end of life recycling. NAATBatt actively encourages its members to do business and seek partnerships with each other.

Member Briefings