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Abby Wulf

American Battery Materials Initiative, Department Of Energy

Executive Chair


Abby leads the American Battery Materials Initiative (ABMI), the White House-led, Department of Energy-coordinated, interagency effort to secure the minerals and materials needed to meet electric vehicle (EV) and broader electrification goals. Prior leading ABMI, Abby was the founding Director of SAFE’s Center for Critical Minerals Strategy, a Washington, DC-based nonpartisan nonprofit that focused on ensuring that critical mineral supply chains—from mining and processing to manufacturing and recycling—supported the economic, environmental, humanitarian, and national security priorities of the United States and its allies. While at SAFE, Abby worked extensively with industry, academia, Congress, and federal officials both domestically and internationally to establish diverse, secure, and sustainable critical mineral and battery supply chains. Abby has wide-ranging Earth science expertise, from reaching lithium- and rare earth element-rich pegmatites, to communicating the connections between Earth’s component systems. She previously served in positions with the NASA’s Earth Science Division and the American Geosciences Institute.