Erik D. Spoerke, Ph.D.

Sandia National Laboratories’ Grid Energy Storage Program

Energy Storage Materials Lead

Wed, Feb. 21st | 9:35 - 10:25 a.m.

Looking Beyond Lithium-Ion -- How Soon?


Erik D. Spoerke, Ph.D. (Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, 2003) is the Energy Storage Materials Lead in Sandia National Laboratories’ Grid Energy Storage Program and a Principal R&D Materials Scientist in the Energy Storage Technologies and Systems Department at Sandia. He recently served on the U.S. DOE Energy Storage Grand Challenge National Laboratory Coordination Team, co-leading the Technology Transitions National Laboratory working group. In addition, he is looking forward to a new appointment as a National Laboratory Technical Advisor for the DOE Office of Energy Storage, where he will be working with the DOE to support domestic grid-scale energy storage deployment. Though he has a broad, widely-published and patented background in multidisciplinary materials scientist, Erik has a passion for energy-related research, including a wide range of battery-based and other energy storage technologies, particularly for grid-scale and long-duration applications. With a focus on connecting technical innovation with market needs and priorities, Erik works to support the advance and deployment of reliable and sustainable domestic energy storage.