NAATBatt Speaker-Freeman Hall

Freeman Hall

B2U Storage Solutions

CEO & Co‐Founder

Thurs, Feb. 22nd | 3:00 - 3:50 p.m.

Will the Second Life Battery Business Work?


Freeman Hall, CEO & Co‐Founder, B2U Storage Solutions Inc.  B2U Storage Solutions uses patented EPS technology to reuse EV batteries in large‐scale energy storage systems without incurring repurposing costs.  Mr. Hall spun off B2U from Solar Electric Solutions in 2019.  SES had developed 100 MW of PV across 11 project sites in California since 2008. Mr. Hall led the investment strategy and acquisition on of solar developer, DT Solar, for Ted Turner’s Turner Enterprises in 2006.  He joined the operating business, renamed Turner Renewable Energy, to grow the business. TRE was sold to First Solar in 2007 for a significant multiple from the prior acquisition price. Earlier in his career, Mr. Hall was the Product Manager for Ecos Technologies, a cloud‐based enterprise soŌ ware provider for EHS data. Mr. Hall was a consultant at Andersen Consulting’s Strategic Services practice and previously it’s IT services practice.  Mr. Hall received an MBA with distinction on from Kellogg business school and a BA from Duke University.