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Jim Craner

Verdi Technology

President | Occupational and Environmental Medicine Physician


Dr. Jim Craner is an occupational and environmental medicine physician based in Reno, Nevada.

He received a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Princeton University, a Doctorate of Medicine from Harvard Medical School, and Master of Public Health degree from Rutgers University; and completed residencies and board cerficaons in Internal Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University School of Medicine, and Occupaonal & Environmental Medicine from Rutgers Medical School.
Dr. Craner pracced occupaonal and environmental medicine for 25 years, providing clinical services and consultaon to workers and companies in hazardous industries such as gold mining, metallurgical assay laboratories, chemical manufacturing, and lead acid baery recycling. For the past 5 years he served as Tesla’s Corporate Physician, leading occupational health and industrial hygiene. Dr. Craner recently retired from Tesla and is now consulting to the electric vehicle and lithium ion battery industry across the entire value chain, from mining and refining, to manufacturing, testing and recycling.
Dr. Craner’s company, Verdi Technology, licenses a configurable, software-as-a-service platform that automates and streamlines the process of managing, analyzing and transforming complex, raw health and safety data into actionable, population-based metrics for effectively protecting employees’ health, reducing risk, and maximizing productivity in hazardous industries and occupations.