NAATBatt Speaker-Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson

Ten-Nine Technologies

Founder and CEO of Tulsa-based


Paige Johnson is the founder and CEO of Tulsa-based Ten-Nine Technologies. Her professional and entrepreneurial background spans energy, chemistry and nanotechnology in both industry and academia.  Her scientific endeavors were sparked by the gift of a microscope for her 11th birthday and led her to a master’s degree in Chemistry and at least one patent granted at every place she ever worked. She founded Ten-Nine Technologies in 2014 with a dream of creating new materials for new economies.  Today, Ten-Nine Technologies is bringing to market breakthrough materials for the energy and chemical industries across a broad range of applications including energy storage. Ten-Nine’s proprietary nano additive, TENIXTM,  is the only new material to address the performance limitations of cathodes and is domestically produced with a carbon neutral footprint.   

Paige’s principles of curiosity, generosity and authenticity are the basis for Ten-Nine’s culture. In her spare time, she explores landscape design and helps formerly incarcerated women start their own small businesses.