Peter Fitzmaurice


Product Director


Peter Fitzmaurice is the Product Director responsible for Fastmarkets’ research and analytics and leads the product development for this portfolio. Peter has a particular interest in battery raw materials and has been responsible for developing a portfolio of products in the renewable energy space. 

Peter led the commissioning and launch of the Battery Raw Material Tracker, long-term forecasts for lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel, manganese and copper, as well as a battery cost model and a recycling outlook. Peter delivered the lithium benchmark plan which led to Fastmarkets’ nomination as partners by the London Metal Exchange to launch the first lithium futures contract. 

Peter was previously Head of Product Management of International Chemical Information Services (ICIS), providers of price reporting, news and analytics for global energy, chemical and fertilizer markets. Peter has an extensive background in B2B information and intelligence services related to commodity trade and logistic markets. 

Peter is a graduate of the University of Birmingham and also holds an M.A. in strategic market planning.