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Susan Babinec

Stationary Storage at Argonne National Lab

Program Lead

Wednesday, February 22, 1:55 - 2:45 p.m. | Breaking Down the Barriers to Commercialization of U.S. Battery Innovation

As Program Lead – Stationary Storage at Argonne National Lab, Sue Babinec creates and guides their strategy for a broad range of stationary storage technologies and represents the lab in cross-cutting vision setting forums. Babinec previously served six years as senior commercialization advisor at ARPA-E – co-managing for transportation and grid portfolios.  Prior to ARPA-E she was a technical director for A123 Systems, Inc.  At Dow Chemical Sue was the Senior Electrochemist, a senior member of Corporate VC, Inventor of the Year, and the company’s first woman Corporate Fellow. She holds 50+ patents and is widely published.