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Mark Caffarey

Umicore USA


Wednesday, February 22, 9:35 A.M. | Roundtable: Who Will the Winners and Losers in the Battery Business be Five Years from Now?

Mark Caffarey is the President Umicore USA.  He graduated in Chemical Engineering from Brussels University, 1983.  He joined Umicore in 1984, where he served as Department Head Special Materials in Hoboken Belgium from 1990-1994 and received a Master in Business from the Flanders School of Business in 1992.  Mark subsequently served as Umicore’s General Manager Cobalt Products from 1994-1998, President, Umicore Marketing Services USA in 1998, President Umicore Marketing Services USA from 1998-2016, Executive Vice-President, Umicore USA from 2008-2018, and President Umicore USA, from 2019-present.  He also serves as North American Supply Manager Recyclables, 2015-present for Spent Automotive Catalyst, End of life Electronics, Rechargeable Batteries, Incinerated Bottom Ash, Precious Metal containing materials.